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Database Development & Consultancy

Database Migration

We provide migration from any source to any source. Our core experience is in MSSQL and we have handled some pretty large migrations. A lot of the time our abilities are called on to forward migrate Access db's into SQL.

Disaster Recovery

The worst case scenario is when you lose everything. This does not have to be permantwent, however. Generally we reccomend the main stakeholders define an expectation of recovery time in worst case and with you to achieve that.


It is important to ensure that your databse backup process is aligned with your business's requirement for DR. There are many ways to ensure that your database is covered against data loss and potential downtime.

Performance Advice

Maintaining decent performance can be a full time job when it come to Relational databases. We have made some solid perfomance gains through index optimisation and data re-structure advice.

Database Consultancy, Design/Development and Health Checks

At wildStorm we dont just develop databases we live them. Our team have worked on some very high level databses over the years including the national lotteries. Our development experience is primarily in Microsoft SQL being from a .NET background however we are well versed in PostGres , MySQL and never NoSQL such as Mongo and CouchDB.

What are you waiting for?

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