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Mobile Application Development

Built for Convenience

Weather you need a Android application or IOS we are on hand to offer advice , experience and a solution. Currently we are offering cross platform Mobile development with IONIC. This provides a cheaper route to cross platform and allows a single application to be developed for Android,IOS and Windows Phone.

Because the apps that we developer are cross platform it reduces your overall outlay. It also ensures that your application looks the same on any operating system. Cross platform apps have come a long way in this past couple of years and with IONIC apps running as fast as native applications you can rest assured that its a solid fit.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Cross Platform mobile application development is a new emerging solution fueled by IONIc's ability to provide native performance. Previously cross platform solutions were somewhat slow and lacking in performance. IONIC does not suffer from performance issues and based on Angular is able to provide a one for all solution that fits nicely with your responsive website.

Prototyping is something we are passionate about. If you have an idea for a mobile application, the easiest way to test it out is to use IONICS rapid prototyping framework to provide a cost effective user interface that you can then trial before committing to a complete solution.

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