“Track anything, anytime, anywhere!”

Our bespoke tracking platform has been built for one of the largest telecoms MVNO's in the UK. providing 24/7 insight into over 8,000 devices.

What we do

We have a solid team of IoT/Tracking specialists that have worked in the industry during its recent explosion in growth. We have the skillsets in-house to hand most IOT use/cases and the passion to match.

Key areas that we are working in currently are GPS tracking and small data transfer on large scale. If you have a requirement for remote data consumption or remote device management then we are perfectly placed to assist. IoT platforms are coming online at a record pace and there is a lot of expansion within the related industries. We ensure that we keep up to pace with most of the new technologies required for IoT based systems and scaling

Recent Development

We were recently hired by a large UK-based MVNO to produce an upgraded platform for tracking devices used by telecare workers.

The platform had a requirement for constant connections, geofence management and had to facilitate multiple user/tenants, whilst providing an overall management layer for the MVNO to observe, manage, and report on the devices.

Working With the company

We provided a dedicated team to work with the onsite staff and produce a bespoke platform (SaaS) solution. We provided feedback and two-way conversation throughout the build and iterated quickly and often utilizing our agile sprints. Eventually resulting in a platform that was a WIN to both their agents and their customers. The feedback we received was.

  • The platform exceeded expectations
  • Features introducted and reccomended by us really assisted in their management and deployment.
  • The interface we provided was "modern and just so easy to use"

As with all of our software solutions. We are always on hand, 24/7 for assistance and we already have additional features mapped out for the company which we will be assisting with.

“The support provided by Ravenware is second to none. We were initially cautious when selecting a development company to overhaul our tracking platform as we have had negative experiences in the past with off-shore development houses. We quickly realized that choosing Ravenware for this project was the right choice. They have been very hands-on, great with feedback, and really went the extra mile to provide a platform that we and our customers love. We cannot recommend them enough. ”
Sam Robinson
Business Support Manager

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